Helen DeRamus


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I always say that I took a circuitous route to working as a full-time artist, after graduating from Emory University majoring in art history, I moved to Savannah, Georgia, and then to Englewood, New Jersey. With each new work experience I gained insight and image memory that inform the paintings and photographs that I create now. Just to name a few of those experiences: I taught high school, worked as a freelance clothing designer and ran a successful public relations photography business. I returned to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1979, where I was born, from the New York metropolitan area after an absence of thirteen years. Soon after returning, I met the late Joseph Perrin whose encouragement and support led me to pursue a career as an artist. I worked with him for several years in his critique sessions and painting classes, slowly moving from photography to painting and concentrating on color.

For past thirty-five years, I have worked full-time as a painter in the Atlanta Metro Area. My studio is in a 1930’s deco building once a manufacturing facility. As a studio artist, I am interested in mixed mediums and experimentation sometimes working in my favorite very large format. Working with oil paint for most of my career I added encaustic medium, in 1990, to my practice and continue to work with photographs.